Our food counter and pastry case feature rotating sweet treats, breakfast sandwiches, and toasts with delicious toppings!

Sourced locally, our bites are artfully whipped up at Bad Wolf Bakery & Bistro in downtown Bend.

The bagels and bread for our toasts is baked for us by Sparrow Bakery (home of the ocean roll, so you *know* they're doing this carb thing right.)

Our beans are roasted and supplied by Megaphone Coffee who hand-selected their beans from farm partnerships globally.

Our delicious Nitro cold brew are made locally by Coffee4Kids!

Our teas are from Metolius Artisan Tea (who source their tea from only THEE best places on the planet.)

Our kombucha on tap is provided by Caboost with all their flavors on consistent rotation.

Woodblock Chocolate Manufactury is the supplier of all our chocolatey dreams. We use their drinking chocolate for our mochas!