we love our locals.

Take a minute and soak up the awesomeness that is the out-pouring of the creative mind! These are our in-house featured artists and we completely adore them!


Kristy Behrs

The insanely pretty, large framed photographs are gracing our walls thanks to the hand-eye-awesomeness of Kristy Behrs (@wrecklesscreative on IG!) Hire her, for real.


Steve Stevens

An illustrator who also really wants to make you laugh, Steve created the beautiful Companion Wall logo piece for us. He's also a barista, so come see him in the shop!


Erica Stubblefield

Erica, owner of Aim & Arrow, blew our minds with this utterly perfect trifecta of illustrations of some of our favorite Doctors in the Doctor Who series. 


Jamie Samples

The wonder woman who made our shop look like the heaven it is! Seriously, from vision to real life, she's made us look wayyyy more cool than we ever thought we could be.